Zero Landfill

While recycling rates in America are at their peak—currently running about 34% across the nation—there are still many opportunities to greatly improve on that rate. With every Waste Analysis Study performed, the expert analysts at Pinnacle are looking for ways to help your company find recycling opportunities for all of the waste streams generated by your manufacturing or production processes: i.e., Zero Landfill. This is process management taken to the ultimate efficiency! Our studies often identify ways to minimize waste in your production and manufacturing processes. And, for the waste streams that are produced, we find recycling or alternative uses, diverting your waste from the landfill. This may help you work more efficiently, it may lower your operation costs, and it certainly promotes a sustainable environment. Altogether, this creates another marketing opportunity to enhance the public’s perception of your company as one that promotes good stewardship of our natural resources and concern for the quality of life in the community.