South Carolina House and Senate declare March 1, 2017 as “South Carolina Recycler’s Day!”

The House and Senate legislative bodies of South Carolina passed matching resolutions on February 28, declaring March 1, 2017 as “South Carolina Recyclers’ Day.” The resolutions were introduced and adopted by each body on the same date, recognizing the many positive roles that recycling plays within the State economy:

  • Creating jobs
  • Supporting economic development
  • Conserving scarce natural resources
  • Reducing energy and water consumption
  • Decreasing production costs
  • Inspiring innovation
  • Improving our children’s futures

These resolutions acknowledged the $13 billion dollar impact on South Carolina’s economy—by way of job opportunities, manufacturing recycled-content materials and the implementation of responsible material-management solutions—and estimated the recycling industry is likely to increase approximately 19% on an annual basis.

Gene Malcolm & Lynn Watson representing Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc.—an industry leader and the state’s fastest growing environmental services company—were among the 60 honorees from the South Carolina Recycling Industry who were asked to stand for recognition during the legislative session on March 1st.

The House and Senate bills noted the recycling industry in South Carolina is directly responsible for more than 54,000 jobs that pay $2.7 billion in annual personal income and contribute an estimated $820 million in tax revenue to the state. The collective efforts of all the environmental service companies in the state recycled 1.2 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2015 and they expect to increase that tonnage year after year! This has a significant positive impact on our economy and environment!

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