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Pinnacle has maintained its focus on providing superior customer service to our customers.

We strive to exceed expectations through our comprehensive environmentally-friendly and innovative solutions to current waste management challenges.

  • Implementing cleaner, greener innovations
  • Making better use of resources
  • Minimizing waste
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We promise outstanding results every day.

Why Pinnacle

We deliver superior, innovative industrial waste management solutions that are customized for each client. Our highly qualified staff provides training to your employees to ensure you get the maximum benefit of our services.

Waste Management

We recognize every waste stream is a cost to your company. Our comprehensive audit not only helps reduce waste-and its cost to your operations- it also identifies the optimal disposal and recycling options for all that remains.

Waste Recycling

You will get full documentation of our services, and the comfortable assurance that comes with knowing that our solution minimizes your impact on landfills and the environment.

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Let us handle your business with our cost effective environmental solutions.